0.5 branch now in CVS

Starting tonight CVS will finally be synced with the local copy that Steve has been working on. You can see all the wonderful changes that have gone into the UI. Please keep in mind that the CVS version is not working properly and if you want to use giftui please use the latest release. Feedback is always welcome please join the discussion in #giftui on irc.freenode.net


Bug fixed

For those of you who have been experiencing problems with giFTui and getting a "no route to host message" here is the fix

gconftool-2 -t string --set /apps/giftui/daemon/host localhost

or you can use the gconf editor to do the same thing


Thanks to Squinky86

We would like to thank squinky86 for committing ebuilds to the testing tree of portage for ~x86, ~sparc, and ~amd64


Rpms ready for consumption

Thanks to Patrice Guay we now have rpms available for download. They were built on RHEL 3.0


giFTui 0.4.1 released

giFTui 0.4.1 "Better than Google" get your copy while supplies last!


CVS now up and running

No big changes in current cvs, just some minor patches and bugfixes.


giFTui 0.4.0 released

giFTui 0.4.0 "it's about time" is now available, get it while it's hot!

giFTui gets new maintainers and new webpage

The long wait is finally over as development has started back up under the direction of a new lead developer Steve McDaniel